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Safe Drinking Water

If you own a business that uses well water and you provide water to the public you would know that rules surrounding this have changed significantly over the last decade. To make sure customers are being served safe drinking water the Ontario Government passed a bill called the Safe Drinking Water Act of Ontario. The legislation basically states that any business owner who is on well water and services the public must take steps to make sure the water is safe from certain water born bacteria or at the very least the public is notified that water is not being tested and may be unsafe. The standard practice for this would include posting signs and/or installing a disinfection system to keep the water safe from bacteria. If a disinfection system has been installed it must be maintained and monitored by a “trained” individual. This usually includes cleaning and servicing the system on a regular basis as well as delivering water samples for testing to a region approved lab. Lakeland has been designing, installing and maintaining these systems since the legislation first came into effect. Lakeland Water Treatment prides itself on being able to service all of our customers needs. We offer full service packages where we assume full control of the system and look after everything from the maintenance to the testing or we can simply assist you by delivering and tracking samples. Each application is designed to suit the customers needs.


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Safe Drinking Water
Act of Ontario

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