Hard Water

Water hardness is determined by the amount of calcium and magnesium it contains. The higher the levels of these and other minerals, the harder the water. Using a water softening system will help reduce the concentrations of hard water causing minerals in your water.

Hard water may appear in the following ways:


● Water spots – These are usually deposits of calcium carbonate and appear on glasses and silverware that comes out of the dishwasher, leaving a cloudy film.

● Appliances aren’t running efficiently – Minerals from hard water accumulate on appliances, and the sediment may clog valves or cause other issues in your dishwasher.


● Soap scum build up – Hard water has a hard time dissolving shampoo and soap, so it sticks to tile and porcelain surfaces. The result is a scummy, copper-coloured residue.

● Low water pressure – Mineral deposits can form in the pipes, which reduces water flow. Installing a water softener will prevent further mineral buildup in the plumbing lines.

● Dry skin and scalp – Bathing and shampooing using hard water may cause irritation on your skin and scalp, and may cause your hair to appear dull and limp.

Laundry room

● Mineral stains – Stains may show up on clothes when they come out of the washing machine, and on your faucets and drains. Hard water can cause clothes to wear out faster.

Benefits of a home water softener:


● Prevents scale build-up – Using a water softener in your kitchen plumbing can prevent the negative effects of hard water scale build up on your hot water tank, washing machine humidifier as well as your dishwasher, and can extend the lifespan of coffee machines, kettles, and your ice maker.

● Cleaner dishes – Water softeners remove harsh minerals before they can build up on dishes and silverware. Softer water fuses with soap and leads to easier lather and better cleaning action in your dishwasher.


● Lowers electric bills – Water softeners can help lower your home’s gas or electric bill by preventing pipe damage caused by hard water. When scale builds inside a pipe, water pressure must increase for water to push through. Narrower pipes make it harder to transfer heat, meaning you must run your water heater higher to compensate.

● Better for your skin and hair – Soft water contains fewer minerals, so your skin will be able to pick up and hold moisture easier. Soft water can also help balance the pH level in your hair, and makes it easier to rinse out shampoo and conditioner.

Laundry room

● Softer fabric – Water softener will make clothes, sheets and towels softer to the touch.

● Brighter clothes – Over time, the minerals in hard water will cause the colors to fade, making soft water the better option.

● Cleaner laundry – Soft water dissolves into clothes easier which cleans laundry more effectively.

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