Every piece of water treatment equipment needs some level of preventive maintenance. Most systems like Water Softeners and other filters types require yearly or at most semi-annual service. Other systems like Reverse Osmosis and Disinfection, need to be more closely monitored. To accommodate this Lakeland Water Treatment provides a wide variety of programs ranging from weekly to monthly visits.

Small Drinking Water Systems (as under the 170/03 and 319/08 under the Walkerton Safe Water Act)

If you are on well water and provide water to the public you can no longer simply pump the water from the ground to your tap. Following the tragedy in Walkerton in May of 2000, the government implemented the Safe Water Act. The act requires that each well source now must have its own disinfection system or that steps have been taken to notify the public that the water is not deemed safe. Disinfection systems can consist of Ultra Violet, Chlorination, Carbon Filters, Sediment filters and more. All Lakeland employees have been trained and are certified by the Walkerton Clean Water Agency. The certificate allows us to both service your system as well as, take and deliver water samples to accredited laboratories in your area. We service a wide variety of accounts in both the Durham and York Regions such as; Golf Courses, Restaurants, Municipal Buildings and Spas. As part of our service every visit is followed with a full detailed report including the test results and keeping an updated log book on site. Depending on your mandate you may have to test the water as often as every week or as little as every 3 months. The type of system you have on site determines the amount of testing needed.